Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rave idli (idli with samolina)


Medium semolina 2 cup
Black gram dhal 1 cup
Salt to taste


Soak black gram dhal for 2 to 3 hours.
Place semolina in a container and cover it tightly with a plate. Steel boxes can also be used. Cook this in a cooker for 5 minutes without adding water to the semolina.
Allow the semolina to cool.
Grind soaked black gram dhal to a smooth batter.
Add one or one and a half cup water to the semolina and mix well in to a thick paste taking care that there are no lumps.( If dry semolina is added to the batter lumps will be formed and it will be difficult to mix)
Add semolina paste to the black gram dhal paste in the grinder for a minute or two such that semolina is well mixed with black gram dhal paste.
Add 3 tea spoon full of salt (or to taste} and grind again.
Keep this batter overnight. Next day, pour the batter in idly plates and cook for 10 minutes


If the weather is cool, to help quicker fermentation pour 2 cops of boiled water in a cooker and place the container with batter in it. Close the lid .Place the weight on top.
Smear oil for the idli plates on both sides. By doing so idlies will not stick to the bottom of the plate
If you are cooking idlies in a cooker do not put weight, just cover the vent with a steel cup.
Do not store idli batter more than a day, as batter will become sticky. Best thing is to prepare idlies and store them in fridge. We can re-heat them in a microwave or cooker again.
While re heating in a microwave sprinkle the idlies with water and cover well and heat for one or two minutes.


  1. Hi Vani,

    Interesting recipe, will try it soon.
    In the kannada version you say 1:2 rave:bele and in the english version you say 2:1 rave:bele. Just want to make sure which is the correct one?

  2. Hi Sunitha
    Sorry it was a mistake.I have corrected it

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