Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Methods of cooking rice

There are many methods of cooking rice. Quantity of water used varies from method to method and verity of rice. If we want cooked rice to be soft we have to add more water. For Chitranna, vegetable bath, Vangi bath and Puliyogare rice grains should be separate so quantity of water used will be less.We can find out exact quantity of water needed by cooking the rice once or twice.


Rice     1cup
Water   3½Cups

Method 1

Wash rice well and transfer it to thick bottomed vessel. Add required quantity of water and allow it to boil. Reduce the flame, stir well and close the vessel with a lid.Cook till rice is done.You can test it by pressing a rice grain with your thumb and fore finger.Add one more cup of water, cover the vessel with a lid, hold the vessel and plate together using a kitchen towel and drain out the water from the rice in to another vessel. (Water drained from the rice is called “annada ganji".Do not through it. it is very nutritious.) Once again keep the cooked rice on a slow flame and cook for a few minutes. In this method there will be nutrition loss.

Method 2

Rice    1 cup
Water 3 cups

In this method amount of taken   is ½ cup less than the previous method. Rice is cooked in the same manner as in method 1 but water is allowed evaporate completely and no extra water is added. Here there will be no nutrition loss.

Method 3

Rice    1 cup
Water 3 cups

 In this method rice is cooked in a pressure cooker. Take washed rice in a cooker separator add 3 cups of water. Boil 1 cup of water in a pressure cooker. Place the cooking rack or grid in the cooker. Place the vessel containing rice on the cooking rack and close the lid of the cooker and place the cooker on high flame. Steam gushes out of the nozzle of the cooker. Place the weight of the cooker on the vent and press. When the cooker whistles, reduce the flame and cook for 8 to 10 minutes. Allow it to cool. Open the lid rice will be ready to serve.

Method 4

Rice    1 cup
Water 3 cups

In this method rice is cooked directly in a pressure cooker. It is a quick method. Quantity of rice that can be cooked in this method is less as we cannot fill the cooker more than half.
Take rice and water in cooker and place it on a high flame. When it starts boiling close the lid. Steam gushes out of the vent. Place the weight of the cooker on the vent and press. Do not wait for the cooker to whistle. Reduce the flame. And cook for five minutes. Open the lid when cooker cools down. Rice will be ready to serve.