Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brahmakamala flowers in my garden

I had planted this plant two years ago. Last year I had seen the 4 buds. Next day morning when I went to see the flowers they had already bloomed and all the flowers had closed.I was terribly disappointed.
This year 14th June 2009 fifteen buds were there. Flowers started to bloom around 7 PM and they had bloomed fully at about 10PM.It was a great sight. It was raining when my daughter took these photos


  1. wow........ it is really wonderful.....

  2. I think I saw this post last year,but had not commented.I have this plant,too;but it has not flowered still after 3years.

  3. Hi

    We have it here in Sri Lanka and we call it "Kadupul". It says this is a very rare and God "Saman" who was one of the guardian deities of the Island used to offer this to Buddha's sacred foot print set at "Samanalakanda"(The only mountains in the world where four major religions get together and worship. Hindus says its the footprint of god shiva and other two major religions have their own beliefs. therefore we consider this as a sacred flower.

    I also have this in my garden and it was used blossom once a year until I try some medium used in hydroponic gardening.

  4. Hi Vani,

    i am very amazed looking at your blogs and this photo of these flowers oh my they are awesome.

    Can you please tell me where can we get these plant from i am so exited to get these planted in my garden too.

    i am very happy that i have found your blog. Today is my great day.

    thank you so much vani


    1. hai anuradha! u call this NIGHT QUEEN or in srilanka it is KADUPUL. it is easy to grow but rare to bloom. u may b lucky to have a plant in ur garden. u can purchase it from a nussary . in one program in srilanka ATAPATTAMA showed 2000 flowers in one night on one plant.another one bloomed 800 flowers. it is wonderful & a blessing to own one plant. try one. in sri lanka it is available .wish u will b one of the blessed one to have it i near future.

  5. Aqui no Brasil essas flores são chamadas Damas da noite, elas só abrem durante a noite beijos

  6. Dear vani, my congrates to ur lovely flowers. even i have some of the plants.i knew the beauty of that kind. awaiting to c my plants r blooming. a grate photos to the public. it gives a marvalous fragrence i hope. will send my chance makes me wonderful. i have many a plants. grate view.