Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mysore Sarinapudi /Menasinapudi

Sarina pudi

Sarinapudi is a very useful masala powder in south Indian cooking. It is also called Menasina pudi Usually Sarinapudi is made in large quantity and stored it in an airtight container. A small quantity is scooped out in to a small jar and used as and when it is needed. If you are preparing  small quantity it can be ground in a mixer at home. But when we make large quantity we have to take it to the  mill which is used to grind spices only and get it powdered. First  we have to get the mill cleaned by removing the leftover masala powder which had got collected. Otherwise taste of our Sarinapudi   gets spoiled by getting itself mixed with some other masala powder which was remaining in the mill. This is done by putting 1/2 Kg of Tovar dhal in to the Mill and running the machine while  keeping the belt of the machine loose. Tovar dhal comes out  along with old masala powder.  After this we can get our Sarinapudi ground.  Once again we have to   remove our Sarinapudi that would have been trapped in the machine by putting fresh Tovar dhal and running the machine. Powder can be separated from the dhal by sieving.
Sarinapudi is used to prepare Saru, Gojju, Palya, Huli etc. Churumuri mixed with Sarinapudi,ghee and salt taste great!
Clean and  dry  all the ingredients in sun for 2 to 3 hours. It is better to prepare sarinapudi in summer if we are preparing in large quantities.During winter or rainy season it takes long time to fry chillies as it contains more moisture.

First type of measurement

Coriander seeds       2 Kg
Byadagi chillies        1 Kg
Mustard                  225gms
Cumin seeds           250gms
Fenugreek seeds     275gms
 Black Pepper        100gms
Asafoetida             25gms
Turmeric powder   100gms
Curry leaves          4 or 5 big bunches
Oil to fry                4-5 table spoons full

Second type of measurement (Old type  which my mother used to follow)

I seeru = 4 pavu = 930 grams
Byadagi chillies   1Kg
Coriander seeds   4 seru
Mustered seeds  Talesavari  1 pavu
Cumin seed   1½ pavu
Black pepper   ¾ pavu
Fenugreek seeds 1 pavu
Asafoetida      1 big dabba
Turmeric powder       100grams


Wash and separate the curry leaves from the sprig and dry them spreading on a towel. You can remove excess water by covering it with another towel and patting it. Allow it to dry.
Fry all the ingredients one by one except Turmeric powder and curry leaves, using less oil in a pan till it gives aroma and the colour of the seed changes and makes “pata pata” sound. Medium flame should be used while frying otherwise outer layer of the seed will be fried and inner portion will be raw.

Fry curry leaves adding 2 or 3 teaspoon full of oil trill it becomes crisp.it takes time.
If you are using a microwave it is very easy. Spread a small hand towel in a glass dish. Spread curry leaves on this. Cover the leaves with another  hand towel and cook  for 3 minutes .Remove the upper towel and check whether the leaves are dried or not. You have to repeat this till the curry leaves are crisp.

Crush the fried chillies with your fingers by covering  your hand with  a plastic cover. This reduces the bulk. Mix all the fried ingredients and grind it into powder.  Powder should not be too fine are coarse. At this stage add asafoetida and Turmeric powder Mix it well. Sieve it through a sieve having medium size mesh. Allow the powder to cool. 

Store it in an airtight container.


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