Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vermicelli payasa or Shavige payasa

Vermicelli is also called "Sevige","Shavige","Semiya"etc....
Ingredients needed
vermicelli 1 cup or 100 grams.
Milk 3 cups
Sugar 6 tsp or to taste
cardamom powder 1 pinch
Saffron a few strands soaked in hot water.
Ghee 3 tsp
resins and cashew nut to garnish.
Heat ghee in a pan .Add cashew nuts and fry till it becomes light brown in olour.Add resins and fry till resins swell up.Remove fried cashew nuts and resins in a plate.
In the same pan fry vermicelli on slow flame till light brown in colour. Add 3 cups of milk and cook till vermicelli becomes soft. remove from fire and add sugar and mix well till sugar dissolves.Add cardamom powder and saffron and mix.Garnish it with fried cashew nuts and resins.Vermicelli payasa is ready.Serve hot or cold.

Microwave method
Take vermicelli in a glass dish and roast for 5 minutes till it becomes light brown in colour.Stop the microwave in between and mix to ensure uniform roasting.Cooking time varies from microwave to microwave.Add 1 tsp of ghee and 3 cups of milk and cook for 6 minutes or till it becomes soft.Add sugar and mix.Garnish with fried resins and cashew.I avoid frying things in oil using microwave!